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Contact us to learn more about our program that provides a free, easy to use Telikin desktop or laptop computer, or a GrandPad tablet, for people who find it difficult to get out. We bring you your tablet or computer and train you on it so that you can stay connected with family and friends. Email us at

The two types of senior friendly technology we use are:

Telikin Computer

The Telikin Computer comes in a desktop or laptop version and is programmed with software which makes it easy to use for seniors.  Large fonts, a touchscreen, buttons for commonly used sites such as email, news, weather, games, contacts, internet, calendar, appear along the side of the homescreen, making it easy to navigate. Our clients are able to access online functions such as banking, shopping, Zoom, scheduling doctor’s appointments, and researching health issues.  They can also do leisure activities like watching movies, listening to music, and emailing loved ones.   For more information, go to

GrandPad Tablet

The GrandPad Tablet is portable and uses mobile broadband.  It is designed for seniors, with easy to see buttons that access music, games, email, videochat, photos, articles, and other areas.  There is a Help button which connects the user directly to a live support person who can make updates directly to their tablet.  For more information, go to

  • At the outset, we provide and train each senior on their computer or tablet, creating email and social media accounts for them, adding contacts, helping with photo sharing, bookmarking websites, learning about Zoom, and other tasks that help the user maximize their experience. In many cases, the senior has limited experience with technology so we return as needed to help them learn to use it.
  • We assist with getting low cost WiFi, and pay for the device help lines, which the seniors can call at no cost to themselves. If there is an issue requiring repair or replacement, we take care of that for the senior. These are individuals who do not have family or the resources to take care of these problems on their own.
  • In our experience, issues often crop up with technology, failing batteries, problematic mouse and keyboard, chargers that don’t charge, connectivity issues, and many more. Most seniors without a support system are at a loss as to how to deal with such things, and then their tech device sits idle. We are able to address these issues right away, so that the senior can continue to get the most out of their device.
  • We customize each computer or tablet for the user before bringing it to them, and training them on it. During our initial assessment, we determine which of the devices: laptop, desktop, or tablet, are best suited to that individual.
  • Our staff and interns follow up as needed if further training is necessary, or repair or replacement.

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